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Numbers in the ☆ column indicate how many singles have recommended each Shadchan.

Name Location      Phone       Email Speciality
152 Mrs. Yehudis Abramowitz Jerusalem, Israel 058-687-7689 Israel Email All ages and situations.
32 Rabbi Lazer Avtzon Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 917-804-7224 Email Great interpersonal skills
6 Rabbi yerachmiel benjaminson brooklyn, NY, U.S. 9177760484 Email
21 Rabbi Yossef Benzecry S. Paulo, SP, Brazil +55-11-99966-8134 Email
51 Mrs. Rivkah Leah Bernath (networker) Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 773-759-0908 Email networking
229 Mrs. Shandel Malka Blasberg Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 917 500 9506 Email Personal Approach to Intl. Shidduchim
82 Mrs. Rochel Bryski Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. 718-771-2214 Email Shidduchim with chabad singles
13 Mrs. Chana Calmenson brooklyn, NY, U.S. 7187249792 Email Shidduchim for FFBs and BTs up to age 40
6 Mrs. Rachel Centner Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa +27718115721 Email
35 Mrs. Sara Chazan Brooklyn, NY, U.S. Email Mostly Chabad,
23 Mrs. Libby Chein Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 917-405-5826 Email Happy to help anyone in need of a shidduch
27 Mrs. Chaya C. Cohen Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 347-482-6821 Email I have a passion to match Kohanim.
17 Devorah Leah Cohen Coral Springs, Florida, U.S. 954-319-2771 Email All situations
13 Rabbi Mikhael & Esther cohen Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 917-796-0680 Email French speakers
41 Mrs. Yehudis Cohen Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 7185522422 Email Machon L'Yahadus
23 Rabbi Chaim Dalfin Brooklyn, NY, U.S. Email all people, lubavitch and not
3 Mrs. Esther Davidoff Los Angeles, CA, U.S. 213-760-1152 Email Russian-speaking Lubavitch singles BT & FFB
14 Mr. Hirsh Dlinn Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. 412-979-5770 Email Chabad Professionals
22 Mrs. Miriam Edelman Brunoy, Edelman, France 336.1152.0675 Email
2 Mrs. Sarah Eichler brooklyn, ny, U.S. 718-753-6403 Email
7 Mrs. mindy epstein pittsburgh, pa, U.S. 412-759-0812 Email Pittsburgh Singles
39 Mrs. Fraida Estrin Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. 412-334-5179 Email Children of Lubavitch BTs + others
11 Elka Ezagui Crown Heights, New York, U.S. 347-415-2383 Email
4 Mrs. Miri Farro Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 9176139875 Email Ages 25-35
21 Mrs. Ella Firbank , Israel 054-809-0593 Email
53 Mrs. Gitel Chaya Fogel Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 917-273-6555 Email General Chabad Shidduchim
24 Rabbi Yehoshua Forma Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina +54-11-4821-6265 Email Lectures in Spanish, English and Protuguese
28 Mrs. devory fox brooklyn, ny, U.S. 7182882203 Email
39 Mrs. Rachel Friedman Jerusalem, Israel +972-52-4486434 Email Mayanot Yeshiva & Seminary Singles
29 Mrs. rachel gov ari emanuel, shomron, Israel 0549434335 Email Patience and Ability to Communicate Well
12 Rabbi Daniel Green Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 3058928927 Email Anyone serious about finding the right one
9 Mrs. Mashi greenberg brooklyn, NY, U.S. 9175617463 Email lot of personal attention and coaching
15 Rabbi RONY GREENBERG MORRISTOWN, NJ, U.S. 9734491234 Email Any shiduch
27 Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum S. Paul, MN, U.S. 612-386-3112 Email Many successful shidduchim
14 Rabbi Mendi Hasan São paulo, São paulo, Brazil +55 11 93147-4747 Email Global Matchmaker all ages
3 Mrs. Chaya-Mouchka Hasis Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 3477010246 Email
34 Mrs. yocheved hershkovitz Jerusalem, Israel 050-8758167 Email
4 Mrs. Faygie Herzog Encino, CA, U.S. 8184013620 Email Shidduchim Worldwide Groups
8 Mrs. ifat hillel kiryat malachi, Israel 08-858-0039 Email בעלת סלון כלות
14 Dr. Chana Miriam Huebner Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. 4127355959 Email Specializing in Coaching for Shadchanim
2 Rebbetzin Aurit Katan Surfsdie, U.S. 7863829006 Email Shlucha focused on helping older singles.
5 Mrs. Odelia Sara Kulik רחובות, Israel +972 542353193 Email Coaching all along the way
14 Rabbi Aron Kurc S. Paulo, Brazil, S. Paulo, Brazil +5511957270770 Email Global Head Hunter for all ages.
5 Mrs. Daliah Kurtzweil Dnepr, Dnepr, Ukraine +380933979722 Email Hebrew speakers global
4 Mrs. Dina lebovic brooklyn, n.y., U.S. 9174743233 Email young men and women up to age 32
36 Rabbi Yeheskel & Pearl Lebovic Maplewood, NJ, U.S. 973-849-6418 Email Run Likrat Shiduch Matchmaking Service
25 Mr. chazan Yitzchok Lebovics Montreal, Quebec, Canada 514-570-2986 Email Involved in many Shidduchim worldwide
13 Mrs. chaya leibkowitch kiriat malachi, Israel +972-54-4556882 Email Bachurim over 25 and Bachurot over 24
6 Mrs. sheindel levertov Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 9177428937 Email
11 Shoshana Lifshitz Cincinanti, U.S. 5133771000 Email
55 Mrs. Miriam Lipchik Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 347-460-6474 Email shiduchim for baalei teshuva
9 Mrs. Ita Lipsker Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 718-644-9526 Email I'm A full time Shadchan
75 Rebbetzin Leah Lipszyc Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine +19176201423 Email All Shidduchim-personalized att'n u deserve
9 Mrs. Faige Lobel Brooklyn, New York, U.S. (718) 467-2084 Email
Mrs. chanie marinovsky כפר דניאל, Israel 0527703191 Email bilinguals who communicate in 2 languages
7 Mrs. dvora julie menda Rehovot, Israel 050-7241690 Email
19 Mrs. Yocheved Miller Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 914-866-9239 Email Lubavitchers of all ages
29 Rabbi Akiva Perl Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 9176270252 Email Call 8:00PM-9:00PM (EST) - Ages 18-30
49 Dr. Elka Pinson Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 917.324.2386 Email Shidduch Coach/Relationship Counseling
4 Rabbi Yomin Postelnik Tzfas, Israel 011-972-58-6770-561 Email All types, divorced and older singles
44 Moshe Raichman Bet Shemesh, Israel, Israel +972-54-761-7243 Email English, Hebrew, and Portuguese Speakers
76 Rabbi Moishe Raitman Wilmette, IL, U.S. 847.840.8633 Email Shadchan&Coach for all parents and singles.
33 Mrs. Chani raksin brooklyn, New York, U.S. Email Many shiduchim-personalized service. email
8 Mrs. Miriam Raksin Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 1646-981-3358 Email Making shidduchim
4 Fayge Rapp Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 718-467-1055 Email
14 Rebbetzin Cyna Reisman Sharon, Massachusetts, U.S. 781-784-8684 Email out of town shidduchim
41 Mrs. Devorah Reizel Tzfat Israel, Israel 0584669807 Email Shidduch Coaching-see
22 Rebbetzin hindy rosenberg miami, florida, U.S. 7862777789 Email older singles
11 Mrs. Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb north miami beach, florida, U.S. 305-308-8396 Email
25 Mrs. Rachel Sacks PIttsburgh, PA., U.S. 412-521-1635 Email Friends of Chabad singles
13 Mrs. Esther Malka Schwartz bklyn,, ny, U.S. 917-568-3944 Email I have been successful with divorced people
3 Chana Shloush Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 7187737184 Email
61 Mrs. Sara Shollar Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 718-701-4102 Email 25+ years experience
41 Mrs. Rochel Smoller San Diego, CA, U.S. 858-213-4679 Email
10 Mrs. Eliana Rochel Lea Solomon hamsted, Canada 514 714 7700 Email Shadchan of young Baal teshubas and FFB'S
9 Rabbi Eli Srugo , Argentina +54-11-4961-4925 Email spanish and english speaking
12 Tova Starik Wien, Austria, Austria +43-676-83181462 Email Mekuravim, friends of Chabad
10 Mrs. ZELDA STEIN CEDARHURST, NY, U.S. (516)295-2274 Email listening to each ones specific needs
4 Mrs. Tzipora Steynberg Bs.As, Argentina 1562194615 Email anash e gente religiosa
40 Mrs. Rivkah Torenheim brooklyn, new york, U.S. 3475593996 Email FFB and BT of all ages
7 Mrs. Dinah Unterslak JHB, Gauteng, South Africa 27832966636 Email
7 Rabbi Yechezkel Wildau buenos aires, buenos aires, Argentina +54-911-31663180 Email
4 Rebbetzin Yehudis Wisnefsky Jerusalem, Israel, Israel 0523639770 Email Israel ; Baalei Teshuva: Older People
16 Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf Chicago, IL, U.S. 7737166521 Email Dir. of Cheder Lubavitch, Rabbi and Educate
39 Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 718-208-0302 Email Many Shidduchim
9 Mrs. Shirah Malka zhornitsky Richmond, British Columbia, Canada 6043607708 Email Russian speakers and others
2 Mrs. יונה אליטוב בית צבי, Israel 0543180770 Email
2 Rebbetzin ניצה אמיתי כפר חבד, Israel 0537388140 Email הכל
1 Mrs. תימרית מינה אנטיזדה זכרון יעקב, Israel 0534494770 Email חב''ד ומקורבים כל הגילאים
31 Mrs. רחל בבאי בני ברק, Israel 0549215157 Email Israeli singles available from 3-9pm
Mrs. שני SHANI הייפרט HIPERT פדואל PEDUEL, Israel 0533386323 Email חב''ד ומקורבים לחב''ד בכל הגילאים
26 Rebbetzin טל-תרצה הראל migdal-hawemek, israel, Israel 0505377004 Email
9 Mrs. דבורה זילברשטרום כפר חבד, Israel 0532770125 Email
Mrs. גאולה טל הוד השרון, Israel 0547770845 Email מקורבים לחב''ד.
1 Mrs. תהילה טל שערי תקווה, Israel 0544355770 Email
2 Mrs. גולדי לויוב נתניה, Israel 0549987399 Email מנהלת גן-גננת/שליחים בנתניה במקביל
2 פרומה ליפסקר פתח תקוה, Israel 0544500897 Email
Rabbi פתחיה ליפסקר קרית מלאכי, Israel 0584604770 Email
2 Mrs. חנה מרגולין כפר חבד, Israel 0587707474 Email
4 Mrs. חני משי זהב קריית גת, Israel 0587702217 Email
2 Mrs. רוזי פינקלשטיין גבעתיים, Israel 547258796 Email
3 Mrs. בילי פרידמן צפת, Israel 0506403144 Email בחורים ובחורות מבוגרים בעלי תשובה

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