Shadchanim in South America

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Name Location      Phone       Email Speciality
21 Rabbi Yossef Benzecry S. Paulo, SP, Brazil +55-11-99966-8134 Email
24 Rabbi Yehoshua Forma Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina +54-11-4821-6265 Email Lectures in Spanish, English and Protuguese
14 Rabbi Mendi Hasan São paulo, São paulo, Brazil +55 11 93147-4747 Email Global Matchmaker all ages
14 Rabbi Aron Kurc S. Paulo, Brazil, S. Paulo, Brazil +5511957270770 Email Global Head Hunter for all ages.
9 Rabbi Eli Srugo Buenos Aires, Argentina +54-11-4961-4925 Email spanish and english speaking
4 Mrs. Tzipora Steynberg Buenos Aires, Argentina 1562194615 Email anash e gente religiosa
7 Rabbi Yechezkel Wildau buenos aires, buenos aires, Argentina +54-911-31663180 Email

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